Famitsu 20090515

Dragon Quest Wars [DSiWare]


Kojima's new project

DragonBall [Wii]

New NARUTO [Wii]

Pokemon (from corocoro)

スパロボ学園 [DS]

DragonBall Racing Blast [PS3/360]

Lunar Harmony of Silver Star [PSP]

実況パワフルプロ野球 ポータブル4 [PSP]


Blazing Souls [PSP]

遊戯王 [PSP]

Monster Hunter 3 [Wii]

SD Gundam G Generation Wars [Wii/PS2]

逆転検事 [DS]

Kindom Hearts [DS]

Blue Dragon [DS]



Love Plus [DS]


Queen's Blade: Spiral Chaos [PSP]

FEAR2 [360/PS3]

Takt of Magic - 8/8/8/7


DSL 7500
DSi 47000
PSP 42000
Wii 20000
PS3 15000
PS2 6300
360 5200

1.俺 44000 114000
2.DB改 43000 144000
3.ポケダン空 41000 283000
4.MHP2Gbest 23000 698000
5.マリルイ3 22000 594000
6.WiiFit 22000 3352000
7.MHG 19000 196000
8.太鼓Wii 17000 539000
9.パワメジャPS2 15000 56000
10.リズ天 14000 1712000

11.ペルソナ 14000 109000
12.BASARAPSP 10000 153000
13.パワメジャWii 8800 26000
14.マリカWii 8700 2238000
15.コナミ森 8100 378000
16.KILLZONE2 7900 66000
18.ピクロス 7800 130000
19.デカスポルタ2 7600 32000
20.街森 6900 1139000
21.とらドラ 6800 39000
22.ファミスタDS 6600 81000
23.イナズマイレブン 6400 341000
24.ガルモ 6300 825000
25.パワポケ11 6300 237000
26.太鼓DS2 6300 566000
27.プラチナ 6200 2402000
28.絶命3 6200 49000
29.にゅマリ 6200 5485000
30.カービィ 6100 1092000


Anonymous said...

I don't get it, there are quite a few Wii games, particularly on pages 183, 188, etc, and no one's scanning the pages. :/

Anonymous said...

Some of them actually taken with camera.
But those posted on 2ch are titles introduced in Big Scoop of Famitsu this week. There're 7 titles.
Only one title (PSP baseball game) of those not surfaced yet.

AGSoldier said...

monster Hunter 3 is very awsome *.*!

Anonymous said...

HQ scans:


Anonymous said...

hq Pokemon Gold\Silver DS SCANS ARE UP

Anonymous said...

HQ scans part2 is up:


Anonymous said...

Jump scans


Anonymous said...

Urteter nuytre: http://imyaum.001webs.com

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