Famitsu 20090424

Monster Hunter 3 Tri [Wii]

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a Darklord [Wii]
FFCC 光と闇の姫君と世界征服の塔

The King of Fighters: Sky Stage (STG) [360]

W.E.T. [360/PS3]

50 Cent: Blood on the Sand [360/ps3]


ToHeart 2 Portable [PSP]


Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles [Wii]

Shining Force Cross [AC]

Dead Rising 2 [360]

Lost Planet 2 [360]

Dream Club [360]


Atelier Rorona [PS3]

仮面ライダー クライマックスヒーローズ [PS2]



DSL 4900
DSi 36000
PSP 36000
Wii 15000
PS3 57000
PS2 4700
360 7600

1.ポケダン空 142000
2.BASARAPSP 28000 116000
3.MHP2Gbest 20000 624000
4.マリルイ 18000 536000
5.パンヤ 16000
6.かてきょ 15000
7.ファミスタDS 12000 58000
8.WiiFit 10000 3301000
9.パワプロPS2 9500 117000
10.デカスポ2 8600

18.ゴットファーザー2PS3 5000
外.ゴットファーザー2360 2800
外.12RAVEN 2200
外.Remember11 2000

11.太鼓Wii 8400 501000
12.絆 8100 137000
13.オロチZ 8100 194000
14.リズ天 8000 1680000
15.立体ピクロス 7400 108000
16.コナミ森 6200 358000
17.朧村正 5600 30000
19.戦ヴァルbest 4900 25000
20.ディスガイア2P 4800 61000
21.漢検DS3 4600 9300
22.バイオ5PS3 4600 450000
23.パワポケ11 4500 222000
24.SRWK 4500 196000
27.おい森 4100 4980000
28.マリカWii 4000 2219000
29.太鼓DS2 4000 551000
30.プラチナ 3900 2386000


Anonymous said...

Dead Rising 2 is also listed on PS3 section.

Anonymous said...

DR2 was always mult

Anonymous said...

HQ scans


Anonymous said...

Any high res scans of NFS SHIFT?

Anonymous said...

Jump scans


Anonymous said...

Let me guess, this week is a no show due to the golden week in Japan right? >:(

Anonymous said...

no famitsu news this week? ;__;

Anonymous said...

i guess no famitsu this week either

Anonymous said...

Famitsu news coming

Anonymous said...

This week DO have famitsu new issue:

Anonymous said...

That's got to be the last issue, as it shows MH3 on the cover. :(

And it says it came out on April 24th.

Anonymous said...

Urteter nuytre: http://feucorthumb.t35.com

Anonymous said...

Urteter nuytre: http://downthandrig.racyspace.com

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