Famitsu 20090109

We Cheer [Wii]
プロ野球 ファミスタDS 2009 [DS]

実況パワフルプロ野球NEXT [Wii]
実況パワフルプロ野球2009 [PS2]

くにおくんの超熱血!大運動会 [DS]

機動戦士ガンダム戦場の絆ポータブル [PSP]


Devil Summoner DS 9888
Castlevania Wii 6666
Naruto PS3 9998

DSL 58000
DSi 201000
PSP 169000
Wii 141000
PS3 68000
PS2 19000
360 19000

1.ディシディア 97000 757000
2.カービィ 92000 948000
3.リズ天G 91000 1442000
4.街森 91000 986000
5.ガルモ 76000 626000
6.白騎士 73000 276000
7.マリカWii 73000 2076000
8.WiiFit 72000 3039000
9.プラチナ 65000 2253000
10.MHP2Gbest 61000 260000

外.自分の説明書 12000

11.GT5P 60000 284000
12.Wiiスポ 58000 3365000
13.PSZ 55000 140000
14.Wiiピクミン 53000 101000
15.カラオケWii 50000 165000
16.桃鉄20 47000 169000
17.レイトン 43000 671000
18.太鼓Wii 37000 288000
19.ガ無双2PS3 35000 241000
21.太鼓DS2 31000 475000
22.WiiMusic 30000 354000
23.ガ無双2PS2 30000 162000
24.おい森 29000 4881000
25.マリカDS 28000 3345000
26.ウイイレPS3 26000 324000
27.にゅマリ 26000 5398000
28.TOHアニメ 25000 202000
29.はじWii 25000 2618000
30.ペンギン 22000 177000


jazzking2001 said...

thz for scans
finally famitsu is back
any links for more scans?

Tummai (gametsunami.com) said...

@jazzking2001: I don't get famitsu early like this blog does, but when I do pick them up on Fridays, I pick random articles and post scans and translations on my blog.

jazzking2001 said...

well true gaming gets them pretty fast also

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