Wii @ 2007.3.30

Europe New VC Games
US April TG-16 VC Games Lineup
Europe April TG-16 VC Games Lineup
Resident Evil 4 - Wii Edition? (2)
SmackDown vs. Raw 2008
King of Clubs announced for Wii
FIFA Soccer 08
One Piece: Unlimited Adventure coming to US
New Wii NiGHTS Shifts Developer
Rumor: Mario and Sonic's Secret Developer
Hooked! Real Motion Fishing
DJWiij.com Has Been Purchased By Nintendo with Untitled Wii DJing Game In Production
Eidos’s first Wii titles to be released in the Spring
Gモード 任天堂『WiiTM』“バーチャルコンソール”システムを利用したゲームソフト配信を開始 (pdf)
あの大ヒットRPG『ワイルドアームズ』の会社が『Wii』ソフト開発へ (2)
週間ソフト&ハードセルスルーランキング 3月19日~3月25日
『バイオハザード4 Wii edition』

Official Site Update
Virtual Console バーチャルコンソール
『パンチアウト』 4/3
『エレベーターアクション』 4/3
『ファイナルソルジャー 4/3

Super Paper Mario (2) (3) (4)
King of Clubs
Medal of Honor Vanguard
Meet the Robinsons (2)
Tamagotchi: Party On (2) (3)
VU pulse light mod for Wii

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End
Alien Syndrome
Medal of Honor Vanguard

One Piece: Unlimited Adventure

Medal of Honor Vanguard [Eurogamer 4/10]
Wing Island [GameDaily 4/10]

Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Interview
Q&A: Sega, Nintendo on the first Sonic-Mario game
Mario and Sonic interview
Nintendo's Laurent Fischer on Wii supply, delaying software and the lack of competition
First Interview: SmackDown vs. Raw 2008
DK Games Making a New VC Game, My Little Flufties 2 on Wii & Talks MLF DS!
Hudson Entertainment: Buzzing to the Future
Q&A: Xfire's Mike Cassidy Talks Console, Questions Live

WiiD Firmware Upgrade Released
You Buy, Wii Play
Sega producer backs Wii's graphical ability
Wiiヒットの真相~NINTENDO MODEL~(後編)

Wii Release Information
Wii #0139 - Prince Of Persia: Rival Swords (Europe)
Wii #0138 - Mezase Tsuri Master (Japan)

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