Wii @ 2007.1.9

Europe Upcoming Virtual Console releases revealed
SEGA Announces New Q1 Virtual Console Titles
Sonic and the Secret Rings March 30th in Europe
Wiiの販売台数が早くも100万台突破 ファミ通調べ

Cooking Mama: Cook Off (2)
Wii Play (2) (3) (4) (5)
Zelda: TP 'Killing the Postman'
Far Cry Vengeance video review

Preview / Review
Cooking Mama: Cook Off (2)
Bust-a-Move: Bash! (2)
Metal Slug Anthology [GameSpot 7.5/10]
Metal Slug Anthology [GameSpy 3/5]
Wii Play [N-Sider 3/5]
Splinter Cell: Double Agent [GamePro 3/5]
Far Cry Vengeance [GamePro 1.5/5]
Gradius (VC) [GoNintendo 7/10]
New EGM Scores - March 07
Games of 2007: Nintendo Wii

Medal of Honor Vanguard

Mercury Meltdown Revolution

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