Wii @ 2006.12.21


DS/Wii connectivity on the way
New TMNT game from Ubisoft
No free VC games on 25th
Wii LANアダプタ 12月30日
Wii バーチャルコンソール今週の人気タイトル(12/8~12/14)
週間ゲームソフト売上ランキング 2006/12/11~2006/12/17
Excite Truck boxart (J)

Official Site

Elebits Wii Domino
■ Pokemon Battle Revolution (1) (2) (3) (4)
SD Gundam: Scad Hammers
Wii 'Shop Browser Hack'

Preview / Review
“お料理”をWiiで見事に再現した新感覚バラエティゲーム『クッキングママ みんなといっしょにお料理大会!』最新情報!
憧れの新幹線をキミの手で運転。電車でGO! 新幹線、遂にWiiに開通! 『電車でGO! 新幹線EX 山陽新幹線編』
Far Cry Vengeance [GameSpot 5.5/10]
Metal Slug Anthology [IGN 7.2/10]
Super Swing Golf [The Wiire 78/100]
Marvel: Ultimate Alliance [The Wiire 45/100]
Happy Feet [NWR 4.5/10]
Avatar: The Last Airbender [NWR 6/10]
GT Pro Series [Eurogamer 2/10]
Super Star Soldier (VC) [GameSpot 6.2/10]
■ Donkey Kong Jr. (VC) [GameSpot 4.9/10]

http://wii.ichiro-studio.com/ (ZH-CHT)
Gamasutra's Quantum Leap Awards: Most Important Games, 2006
Triforce Wii Mod
Nintendo's Wiimote gets dissected, inspected
How to make your own Nintendo GameCube (and Wii) SD adapter
Wiitar 3.0: now with Nunchuk capabilities
Mii Data Injection / Modification
Real Star Constellations in the Wii Forecast Channel's Globe View

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